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Blowsion - Tubbie Destroyer Sponsons

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Product Information

  • Constructed specifically with the aggressive racer and freerider in mind
  • Built and shaped specific to the unique hull shape of the SuperJet, FX1, Kawasaki SXR and Hydrospace, the Tubbie Destroyer is fully removable with an average 10 minute per side install
  • For racers shredding the stock class, the Tubbie Destroyers for the SuperJet allow the hull to sit slightly deeper in the water, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy, all without creating too much floatation and side to side instability at mid speeds
  • Each set available in white, black and Yamaha blue gel coat and includes detailed installation instructions and all stainless and billet aluminum hardware