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Seizmik - Half Windshield

Product Information

Price Range: $94.00 - $237.00

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Product Information

  • Half windshields are a good alternative to a full windshield in muddy and dusty conditions, when the half windshield gets dirty you can still see to drive until you can clean it
  • Provides ventilation on hot summer days but still offers a level of protection from dust and other debris while on the trail
  • 0.220 in. thick material (see vehicle specific model for material choices)
  • Attaches with QuickFit rubber-backed straps - no tools needed and nothing to rust, rattle or lose
  • Automotive-grade, high-deflection bulb gasket on the bottom
  • Made to fit the exact profile of the body work
  • Trailerable to infinity MPH Acrylic
  • Has nearly unlimited resistance to weathering and UV, 92% light transmission, more abrasion resistant than polycarbonate and can be polished / buffed. Shatter resistance is up to 24 times that of laminated glass. Lowest cost material available for UTV windshield applications. Very stable up to 200°. Polycarbonate
  • Incredible shatter resistance - 200 times more than glass. Very soft and flexible, so it scratches easier than acrylic. Cannot be polished or buffed, it will get cloudy. 88% Light transmission. Very stable in temperatures up to 260°. Hard-Coated Polycarbonate
  • All the benefits of regular polycarbonate, but the hard coating makes it incredibly scratch resistant. Hard coating on both front and back of windshield. Itâ??s pointless to coat only one side of a UTV windshield since both sides get so dirty. Be wary if the hard coating doesnâ??t specify that its on both sides. 90% light transmission.