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Works Performance - Front Piggyback Shocks w/ Adjustable Rebound

Product Information

Price Range: $1499.00 - $1499.00

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Product Information

  • State-of-the-art shocks for your four-wheeler without the usual wait
  • Custom-built and totally rebuildable
  • Deliver maximum performance and durability for both pro and serious amateur ATV riders
  • Built for specific types of riding and rider weight to deliver the best possible handling
  • In virtually all cases, shocks are designed to produce the maximum wheel travel available with the stock suspension design, as well as with extended A-arms
  • Top-of-the-line billet aluminum and steel-bodied shocks for all types of competition: stadium, MX or cross-country
  • Features include smooth aluminum attached piggyback reservoirs, externally adjustable 18-position compression damping, threaded spring preload and heavy-duty 5/8" shafts (only on models with adjustable preload)
  • Shock damper tubes are treated with a military spec coating that dissipates heat better than bare metal
  • Pro Series are also fitted with spherical bearing eye bushings (where applicable)
  • Also available with adjustable rebound damping
  • Include triple springs on each shock
  • See page ??? for prices
  • Works' Pro G Series 4 is at the top of the food chain
  • All new with 5/8" induction-hardened high tensile chromed alloy shafts
  • Damping adjustments include adjustable low-speed rebound adjustment and high- and low-speed compression adjustment
  • Single-line reservoir or non-reservoir (depending on application)
  • Advanced mil-spec heat-dispersant coating
  • Anodized billet aluminum parts and threaded preload (TPL) as standard
  • Multi-rate and stadium triple-rate versions are available depending on application
  • See page ??? for prices
  • Feature steel-body and dual- or triple-rate springs; available with or without smooth remote reservoirs (SRR), depending on the application
  • Available in singles or pairs (as noted) with dual-rate springs (DRS) installed
  • Heavy-load models include ARS, which increases the load capacity of the shocks up to 50% for heavy loads or aggressive riding on rough terrain
  • Adjustable rate suspension (ARS) is easily adjusted by hand, limiting the travel of the short spring in four increments
  • Snow plow and 400-lb. load shocks end the typical front-end sag associated with heavy plow blade and winch installation; also good for other heavy loads such as hauling deer
  • A-T Steelers feature adjustable spring preload, 1/2" hard-chromed steel shafts and 1 3/8" diameter pistons with six-stage damping
  • Spring colors vary
  • See page ??? for prices
  • QuadStar shocks are rugged, large-bodied steel shocks with a 5/8" hard-chromed steel shaft and a huge 113/16" diameter damping piston
  • All feature an adjustable threaded spring preload and a single-rate spring (SRS) specific to the rider weight specified
  • Most applications also have a smooth aluminum remote reservoir (SRR), as noted in the chart
  • See page ??? for prices