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Bazzaz - QS4 HONDA CBR250R

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Product Information

The QS4 USB (Stand Alone Quick Shift) is an updated version of the popular Bazzaz QS-4 Quick Shift.  Customer feedback on the QS-4 led Bazzaz to develop a new shift sensor for improved reliability, which now also includes an application specific shift rod for ease of installation. The QS4 USB unit employs race proven technology for seamless, full power, clutch-less up shifting. It has user adjustable gear dependant kill times allowing for optimal shifting in all gears.  The kit comes complete with control unit, harnessing, shift switch, and shift rod. Shift light output allows the user to set a signal to indicate to the rider precise shift points to aid the rider in shifting at exact moment for optimal drive determined by tuner.


  • Allows for full power, clutch-less, up shifting for faster lap times
  • Utilizes a Strain Gage Shift Sensor which operates in both compression and tension (push/pull)
  • Rugged shift sensor with application specific adapter rods for easy installation
  • Gear dependant kill times for optimal shifting in all gears
  • Gear learning capable
  • Aids rider in shifting at exact moment for optimal drive determined by tuner
  • Optional shift light sold separately (WPS # 277-M841)

Quick Shift with Z-Fi and traction control also available, see the Fuel Systems section of this catalog