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FOX - Podium RC3 Shock

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Product Information

The best possible suspension set-up for each track is most often what decides the winner. The PODIUM® RC3 gives riders unsurpassed suspension performance along with the ability to fine tune to the perfect setting quicker and easier than ever before. FOX's proprietary external adjustments allow riders to independently dial in the optimum amount of high- and low-speed compression, rebound, and bottom-out control, completely independent of each other.



  • Bottom-Out Control (BOC) — 24 clicks
  • Spring preload with F.A.S.T. preload device
    • Dual Speed Compression (DSC)
    • High Speed Compression — 24 clicks
    • Low Speed Compression — 24 clicks
  • Rebound — 24 clicks


  • DLC coated shaft
  • Exotic, proprietary coatings on shock body and reservoir to enhance durability and significantly reduce stiction
  • High flow, Off-road racing truck inspired damping piston


Dual Speed Compression

With DSC, you can adjust the shock's high and low-speed compression damping by simply turning the external adjusters. DSC allows you to maximize small bump compliance and traction while still having the extra damping required for big hits.


Bottom-Out Control

FOX's innovative BOC is a position-sensitive compression adjustment that only affects the last 25% of travel. This independently tuned compression adjuster uniquely protects against bottom-out events, even when your high- and low-speed adjusters are set light.

The BOC is the green adjuster next to the DSC. Turning the BOC adjuster clockwise increases bottoming resistance; counter-clockwise decreases resistance (standard setting is 12 clicks out).

The goal of the BOC is to run as little end-of-travel damping as possible to maximize wheel travel without bottoming hard.


Fast Adjust Spring Technology

F.A.S.T. makes spring preload adjustments easy, with only a 4 mm wrench required.

No longer are a hammer and punch required to adjust spring preload. With this system, a pin in the preload ring fits in a slot ground into the spring. The rider rotates the spring (which has easy access) to tighten or loosen the preload ring and thereby adjusts spring preload. The blue clamp ring holds everything in place by tightening the 4 mm hex head screw.

It also has a flange that rides on the reservoir, which keeps the 4 mm screw in the proper orientation for easy access. The whole system rotates on an ACME load-bearing thread, which ensures easy rotation even under load from the spring.

Anti-Wallow Control (AWC)

Anti-Wallow Control is an isolation check valve in the rebound adjuster circuit that opens bleed flow during rebound motion and closes bleed flow during compression. It allows you to optimize your low-speed compression setting, dramatically increasing rear wheel traction without unwanted body motion (wallow) in turns, during accelerations or in G-outs, while maintaining the perfect rebound.

With AWC, adjustments made to rebound do not affect compression — when you firm up rebound on a stock shock, you are also firming up compression. This gives you the maximum amount of traction and control for all sections of the track, and you no longer have to sacrifice performance in the whoops for protection against bottom-out events.