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Wiseco - 4C Race Series Pistons

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Product Information

  • Whether you are a serious racer or just serious about how your engine preforms a Wiseco 4C Race Series Piston Kit will get you the power and snap you want. Forged and Shot Peened to increase the life of the piston while also giving it superior heat resistance.
    • Features:
    • Until now these pistons have only been available to top race teams and experienced engine builders
    • Built on dedicated boxed forgings for ultimate stiffness and minimal weight
    • High compression for maximum torque and usable power
    • Shot peened for extra toughness and durability
    • Titanium Nitride coated rings for fast break-in, superior ring life, sustained power and reduced blow by ArmorGlide
    • permanent skirt coating for reduced friction and ultimate scuff protection
    • Super finished wrist pins for low friction and reduced galling
    • Horizontal slot pin oiling for improved pin lubrication and reduced friction
    • Pressure seal grooves between rings for maximum ring seal
    • Race-ready domes for smooth edges and optimum flame propagation during combustion